Waste Management

I was in exploration called Waste Management. In this class we were learning about waste problems in our community and finding solutions to it by creating a business to help benefit both us and the community. Our idea for the business was taking trash from households, markets, restaurants and schools. For organic waste we want to make compost with it then sell to farmers, for other trash we want to recycle some and sell some. Before opening the business, we wrote a feasibility study. We were put into small groups of three to four to work on different parts of the feasibility. We needed a lot of information from the community to write the feasibility study. So, we went into the village to ask people about their trash issues and what they want. During this exploration I learned about TELOS. Its stands for technology, economy, legal, organization or operation and schedule feasibility.

On Wednesday 30th of December, the final week of this exploration, we had a Sharation. Sharation is when we invite people from outside of school to share about what we’ve learned or final product of our exploration to them. We presented our feasibility study and about our exploration, but most of time we spent on finishing the feasibility.

This is our feasibility study if you want to take a look at it:
(PDF of feasibility)