Tech Support 2

Name: Tech Support

Date: November 24-January 4

Number of people: 12


Description: After Tech Support 1 we really wanted to continued our project about fixing computers. We have learned about how internet works, firewall and other internet systems. We even get to teach Tiny Toones student about how to use Edubuntu. Edubuntu is an Operating System (OS). OS are windows 7, Ubuntu, etc… I also had an expertise. My expertise is about Linux(OS). We got a visit from the students from Singapore we’ve been collaborating with by social media. We went to Green Umbrella and Tiny Toones to teach the students together and we fixed computers together. We have fixed more computers and we’ve learn a lot more when we fix computers. For example we learnt more about power supply and how we can control how much volt of electricity it can get.



Time for biking!


At the pagoda.

Teaching about computers

Feeding fish at the Pagoda

Fixing computers togethe