Year one notebook reflection

I’ve learned in Liger for three years now. I believe that my writing way back in 2012 was not so great and hard to understand. I spelled a lot of words wrong. For example I wrote comprehesion cheeks instead of comprehension checks or us instead of use. Some of the sentences in my writing don’t really make sense. For example my favorite strategies I will us is show or act it out and ask khmer teacher or friends. Now, I think
that my grammar has improved. Back in the first year I learned about helping verbs by using the CHAD B. SWIM chart but now I learned a different strategy by using the verb to be, verb to have and verb to do chart.This is an example of an explanation from my 2015 binder about an idiom called back to square one “Back to square one means that you failed at something you wanted to accomplish or succeed at, so now you have to start over.” I feel like this sentence has better grammar compared to the 2012 sentence. My level on the guided reading books was E, F, I, J and K but now my level is around W. Also my handwriting has improved a little bit by now because it is more organized than before.