Model United Nations is a three-day conference where students playact as a delegate representing a country to collaborate with other nations for solving world wide problems. They are assigned to a committee with a country and in that committee there will be three main topics in which the countries’ representatives will write a resolution for and debate on.


This year’s theme for the ISPPMUN was “Collaboration Not Confrontation”. I was in the General Assembly 3 (GA3) as the delegate of Algeria with many other students from different schools from Phnom Penh, Siem Riep and Vietnam. The three focused topics in my committee were the questions of Suitable Working Conditions and Worker’s Rights, Gender Wage Gap, and Combating Hate Groups. Going to the conference grounded helped me feeling more confident when debating or writing resolutions but it was affected when I found out I was the main submitter for my teams resolution (The question of gender wage gap). My first time going up to the podium to read all the operative clauses and answer questions from any delegate in the room was terrifying for me, but I believe this could help with my future MUNs and debating events. I learned a lot from this experience and am looking forward to joining more in the near future.


This is my first time joining an MUN. We had to learn not to use personal pronounces, research on topics and country’s position and debate. For me, it was hard sometimes to stay with my country’s position because I personally may not agree with the choices when writing a resolution, but I had to because of my country’s position. I also learn how to write a resolution, it’s when countries get together to find solutions that everybody will agree on. In a resolution, we have to have six perambulator clauses, which are historical actions the UN have attempted to do (doesn’t matter if they success or not). We also need six operative clauses, which are the solutions the countries come up with and agrees on as a group. After writing the resolutions, everybody in the room will debate on them, that includes suggestions for change, strike the clause(s) or agree on. Overall it was an amazing experience for to me to join something like this because of how much I learned from it, but also having fun at the same time like making new friends or getting to share my ideas/listening to other’s ideas as well. This is something I would like to do more in the future.