Women of the Future

I am a child
I am all the things of my past
I am the hopefulness from my aunt
I am the teaser of my uncle

I am all I see
The dusty road in front of my house
A Mango branch full of mangoes above my head
An old kitchen near by my pond
And young kids running at my school.

I am all I hear
The sound of the old motorbike roaring on the road
My brother crying when he is hungry
A whispering sound near my ear
And the dogs barking when they see neighbors

I am all I feel and taste
The slimy rocks at the waterfall
A sour taste of a green mango with chili and salt
Soft feel of a forest leech
And a slippery road in the forest when it is raining

And all I remember
Eating dinner in the old backyard
Walking in the forest with classmates
Swimming at the beach and building the sand castles
And playing football in the mud.

I am all I have been taught
To be a good student and do home work
Be able to solve math equations
Reading and speaking English
And writing poems

I am all I think
Flying in an airplane to another country
Eating my favorite food every day
Sharing knowledge with other people
Having a good job in the future

I am all those things.
I am like a monkey
And these things are my zoo

But one day I will run back to my forest
And be free

I’m the women of the future.