2014/2015 Yearly Reflection

I think something in Cambodia that needs to change is about rubbish. Most of the people in Cambodia don’t know how burning rubbish, throwing rubbish everywhere… can affect us and the earth. We also don’t know how to recycle it or manage our wastes. I think my solution are to teach about managing wastes in schools, advertise it in each province, more rubbish truck that goes to the provinces, put more trash bins in the park or on the streets, create a project for picking up rubbish and try to promote about recycled products. I used to be in an exploration called Recycle Community and in that exploration we’ve talked to a lot of families about recycling wastes and wastes management.

We also got to teach some of the families about recycling wastes. In the wastes management part we invited an expert at making compost to our school and we’ve inted some of the families that are interested in making compost to learn with us too. I also talked with my family and friends when we go on trip or something we bring plastic bags for the rubbish we have or sometimes there is a bin we just put it in the bin. When I go to my old school each holiday I tried to tell/teach my friends about recycling wastes. Now my family recycle stuff. For example they took an empty plastic bottle and made it as a plant’s watering.

To get the ball rolling I think we should start with ourselves then we can promote in a small community/places first before we change the whole country. When we start with ourselves other people see what we’ve done. Sometimes they might think about how it benefits you by recycling wastes, compost etc. When they starting to the benefit maybe they could tell their neighbors, friends and families. Then maybe most of the people in the community take care of their wastes when they see the benefit. Then the provinces or maybe most of the people in the country. Sometimes we just have to try to talk to people about it.

I also have been in an exploration called Tech-Support. In this exploration we learn about technology and how you can use it to help you/others learn. We’ve helped two organizations fixing some of their computers and taught some of their students about applications they could use to help them learn. The two organizations are Green Umbrella and Tiny Toones. We also help Green Umbrella to fix their site.

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